Building Central Texas since 1977



BRATH, Inc. was named and founded in 1977 by the Hagood family team of Bob, Ron, and Terry Hagood (creating the acronym, BRATH). Soon thereafter Bob Hagood moved on to other ventures and Terry Hagood moved into civil engineering services and later founded Hagood Engineering Associates. In 1979, Ron Hagood continued to lead BRATH as President and CEO Operations, and Jim Black joined as Vice President and CEO Construction. In 1984, Michael Smith joined the team at BRATH and quickly moved through the ranks to his current position as Vice President and Construction Manager.

Since 1977, BRATH, Inc. has been part of the dynamic growth in Central Texas. Located in Round Rock, Texas, BRATH has built numerous facilities, including churches and worship, educational K-12, higher education, athletic fields, medical offices, banks, private offices, warehouses, county offices, county jails, and restaurants. In the early 90s, BRATH emerged as a clear leader in large renovation projects. BRATH understands what is necessary for scheduling renovations in occupied facilities and campuses, and has even taken over for other contractors that have defaulted mid-project.

Ron and Jim
Ron Hagood & Jim Black 1979
BRATH office late 1970s

As the Construction Management and Design Build options became more popular, BRATH was quick to evolve. We provide extensive pre-construction services before and during the design process to meet our clients’ needs. Currently, the majority of our work is Construction Management or Design Build. The majority of our work is also with repeat clients who choose to work with us again.

Over the years we have seen many others come and go.
Since 1977, we have remained BRATH, Inc.



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